The southern coast of Queensland in Australia has the largest sand island in the world that covers a huge area of 1,840 square kilometres.  Just 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, you will find the biggest and most beautiful sand island that was included as a world heritage site in the… (0 comment)

For people of Brisbane and those living in nearby areas, Moreton Island is a place for fun, excitement of 4WD rides and lots of adventure activities. For these who visit Australia for their vacations this beautiful island generates a lot of interest because of its location and the opportunity to see a lot within a… (0 comment)

Australia has been a major tour destination for people all over the world. Searching on the internet you will see beautiful rainforests, pristine beaches, mountains, Wildlife and fabulous water bodies. So the very name is synonymous with fun, excitement and adventure. Tourists planning for a trip to Australia keep some of the world heritage listed… (0 comment)

Holidays are the time for vacations – full of fun, excitement and adventures. People these days are crisscrossing the globe looking for places that would be beautiful, natural and where they can engage themselves in fun filled activities. Australia is one of the major tourist hubs for people all over the world as it’s filled… (0 comment)

Covering a massive area of 133,000 square miles, that’s almost 344,000 square kilometres. World Heritage listed Great Barrier reef in Australia is located in the Coral Sea off the Coast of Queensland. Though there are a lot of water worlds and coral reefs, Great Barrier Reef catches people’s imagination by the fact that it’s the… (0 comment)